Refund policy

If you want to make a return, please notify us no later than 14 days from receipt of the goods, using these channels:

  1. WhatApp channel on our site.
  2. Facebook Messenger Channel

The return shipment is charged to the customer.

  1. Insured shipping is optional, but it is recommended to use it as it has low costs between € 0.50 and € 1 on these products, and protects both you and us by giving us the opportunity to refund you in full the product even in case of loss. of the courier.

Once we have received the item (which must be perfectly intact, with a tag and accompanied by our receipt) we can proceed in three ways:

  1. Replace it with another item of the same amount or even higher (subject to price difference) the shipping will be at our expense.
  2. Issue a refund equal to the value of the item itself, using the same payment method as the initial purchase.
  3. Gift voucher of equal value to spend on our site valid for 2 months.

We remain available for any other info on WhatsApp or Messenger.